Gluten Free Cookies that will leave you Glowing!

Here’s an oldie from our archives – Still our favorite Gluten Free Cookies!!! Their website says they’re looking for a new baking facility, fingers crossed that they’re back up and running soon!


Glow Gluten Free cookies are such a welcome treat for the many people that are on gluten free diets.  Glow Gluten Free cookies were developed by Jill Brack when she and her daughter Stella were both diagnosed with Celiac Disease.  Her gluten free cookies not only get rave reviews when taste tested against other gluten free cookies, but also when compared to traditional gourmet cookies.  We love that being on a gluten free diet, doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy dessert!

And just because you’re not on a gluten free diet doesn’t mean that you can’t benefit from leaving it out every once in awhile! Lots of people choose to go gluten free for a few days at a time, or just eliminate some of the gluten from their diets. Lots of times, cookies like these have a lot fewer calories too!

glow gluten free cookiesThey come in 4 delicious flavors : Double Chocolate, Snickerdoodle, Gingersnap, and Chocolate Chip.  I really enjoyed the Double Chocolate, but the snickerdoodle was pretty remarkable. It’s hard to get the right texture for the perfect snickerdoodle, but it’s even harder when you take regular flour out of the mix. How they managed to nail this one so closely I’ll never know. The gingersnap was pretty awesome as well, but I’m used to having snappy gluten free cookies.


What flavors would you like to see from Glow? I would love to see if they could do those grocery store style sugar cookies, with the deliciously decadent icing on top. That would be fun right? Or animal crackers, or knockoff girl scout cookies…the possibilities are endless. Maybe if I buy enough snickerdoodles they’ll be able to research more recipes!


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  • July 20, 2011


    Everyone is going gluten free lately, maybe I should jump on that band wagon… I hear really great things about it.