Gluten Free. Dairy Free. RAW and Delicious – Coco-Roons

Gluten Free. Dairy Free. Low-Glycemic. High levels of antioxidants. Omega 6 fatty acids. Super Food. Raw. I can continue you know….

I bet you’re thinking, “Whoa, Whoa, Whoa lady… I thought Sugar Loco was about delicious desserts?? All that you just mentioned cant be true!” OH – But it is!

Coco-Roons Gluten Free

Coco-Roons are filled with all the amazing benefits I listed above plus more! Designed by Sequoia Cheney out of necessity. As a lover of food, life threw her a bit of a curve ball when she was shockingly diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Feeling frustrated by most food that she was unable to enjoy, Cheney set out to handcraft a treat that would satisfy her sweet tooth!

Coco-Roons are RAW, Organic sweets filled with delicious coconut and mouthwatering flavors like Apple Pie, Vanilla Maple, and PB& J (without the peanut butter!)

This treat really does fill the absence of sugar in ones diet and is yummy too. It is a great alternative, with a variety of flavors that you can share with everyone.

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