Gluten Free Vegan {DESSERT} Pizza Crust

Throughout my time as a writer I’ve had the opportunity to sample different products that are really directed toward specific needs, like allergy awareness, gluten free and even a few vegan products. Most recently I was given the opportunity to sample Venice Bakery‘s Gluten Free, Vegan Pizza Crust.

Now, usually what happens when I’m trying something of this nature my response is, “Ya, it’s good IF I had that allergy.” (aka – not good if I can and want to eat sugar, flour, chocolate and butter!) BUT! and this is a huge BUT when I say, Venice Bakery’s Pizza Crust is by far one of the best crusts I’ve ever tasted – seriously!

Like, big time seriously, as in This Italian girl who wrote a cookbook and has been working years to perfect her pizza crust recipe is seriously considering forgetting the whole goal of making delicious homemade pizza from scratch and is going to always and forever buy Venice Bakery’s crust. -Like that serious.

After enjoying a delicious homemade mozzarella cheese pizza, it was time for dessert. I took two of their mini crusts and added caramel and sliced apples to one and butter with cinnamon and sugar to another. I probably should have made them on the large crusts because between my hubby and the kiddos, momma barely had a chance with them!

The versatility Venice Bakery provides with their gluten free vegan products is perfect for anyone looking for a delicious crust for dinner or dessert!

Like what you see? Show them some sugar…


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