Gourmet Donuts at The Grind {Phoenix}

If you haven’t already heard, I’m sort of crazy, ridiculously, overly obsessed with, gotta have them every time I travel, borderline need therapy over donuts. And to be flat out honest, which I always am with my sweet readers, Arizona hasn’t really been up to par when it comes to the donut category. (Which on a side note I am only overly obsessed with the delicious taste of donuts, not the controversy of donut vs doughnut.) So when I heard I’d be sampling some donuts I could have easily been skeptical but honestly I was jumping for joy in excitement and anticipation.

Owned by husband and wife, The Grind is nestled smack dab next door to Chick Rotisserie Bar & Grill. Remember me saying how country and relaxed it was at Chick. Well The Grind is the “Let’s play with the boys” side of that sweet country girl next door. Full bar, gourmet burgers and made to order fries, The Grind is where I felt most at home. Still sophisticated, but the rough and tough of their two restaurants.

While soaking in the atmosphere my donuts soon arrived. Warm, rich and made to order, these devil of delights are drizzled in a made from scratch salted butterscotch sauce. Similar to a funnel cake in taste, I was amazed that The Grind had taken a simple breakfast item that I would pick up from a corner shop when I lived in California and brought sophistication and class to it.

I’m thinking the next time we are in Arcadia and my husband wants a gourmet hamburger, I’m ordering DONUTS!

Like what you see? Show them some sugar…..


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