Grain Free Planet is Out of This World

I stumbled upon this little company, based in Denver, Grain Free Planet.  My ears perked up when the founder, KC, mentioned the lack of grains and gluten in her products.  This sparked questions of – HUH? and How do you do that? and is it any good?  Sounds like a product only for granolas…

She handed me a little baggie (of cookies, people, get your mind back from the 60’s).  Since I was caught in traffic in a snowstorm on my way home – I obliged and was stoned, errr, I mean stunned with surprise that these were just like mom baked – minus the grains rice, xanthan gum, sorghum or potato starch – all that bad stuff.  No lack of flavor or texture which is perfect for those of you who have dietary restrictions because of gluten intolerance, or a wheat allergy or if you’re just plain crunchy and choose not to consume those products – Grain Free Planet is your company.

The company isn’t just about baked Cookies, they’ve got other munchies such as the Trios – Triple Chunk Brownies, and Pizza Crust too!  Plenty of ways to get your (sugar) high…

Sugar Loco Special! FREE Trios Brownie with the purchase of 10 large cookies. Use the code ‘Loco’ until 4/30/11.

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