Great Harvest Dessert Breads {Denver}

We stopped in last minute trying to kill some time and keep the toddler awake, by shoving his face full of food.  I had no intentions of making this into a Sugar Loco trip, however I’m like Batman, when the light shines I’m off to work again.  And the “Light” happened to be two sweet little loaves of  breads sitting sadly behind the glass, beckoning to be set free.  Toasted Coconut Bread and Brownie Batter Bread.  You’d jump at the chance to save these poor loaves too.Coconut Bread from Great Harvest Bread Co

I rescued them, barely getting them home before I set them free from their packaging.  I wanted to make sure I took a few pictures of them before I let them loose to run with the other loaves of bread – you know, on the loaf ranch, where they’re free to roam all day long, with the others.  I’m kind like that.

Though not that kind, because they did meet their demise about 26.2 seconds after the last picture was taken.  Wrong, so very, very wrong, I know.  I never called myself a saint, I call it human.  You’d do it too.Brownie Batter Bread from Great Harvest Baking Co

Between the two, the Brownie Batter stood out.  Though the coconut is amazing, I find myself wanting to make french toast or bread pudding out of it (so many ideas…).  The Brownie Batter Bread needed only one thing, a shovel for faster transportation to my mouth.

Update:  I did end up making french toast from the Coconut Bread – oh sweet goodness, it was quite enthralling.

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