Green Russell Cocktails and Pie {Denver}

A hidden little nook under the streets of downtown Denver, off of Larimer Square, is a speakeasy called the Green Russell.  If you’re not looking for it, you’ll miss this little hole in the {basement} wall.  A spot where on Sunday and Monday they offer the chill jive of live jazz, every day they serve up scrumdiliumptious cocktails and PIE from their sister shop, Wednesday’s Pie.  The whole underground scene is something out of another place in time.  The combination of Wednesday’s Pie and the Green Russell’s creative cocktails is an adventure in itself.  They’re creating seasonal flavors for both, and perfect for coupling together. 

My favorite?  Though tough to choose, the Cinnagain Ramona (spice-infused Appleton Rum, Calvados, Lemon, Chamomille, Becherovka, and house Angostura) and Caramel Apple Pie.  Both fall-ish flavors keeping your belly warm during those chilly nights, while lifting your sweet tooth’s spirits.

Down home pie just like granny used to make, minus her backache complaints from standing in the kitchen all day baking, and scolding Grandpa for his flatulence.

Perfect crust, perfect caramel, and apples that taste like they came straight from the orchard.  So comforting I found myself looking for my pjs and a warm blankie to snuggle up under, then remembered I was in public.  #sillyme

With a seasonal cocktail menu and bartending geniuses, you really can’t go wrong stopping in any time of the year, pies change daily, grab a slice or call again for an entire pie to go.

Like what you see?  Show them some sugar…


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