12 Days of Chocolate: A Guilt Free Omega-7 Sweet Snack @Sibu_Beauty

12 days of chocolate with Sugar Loco

Healthy and heavenly-this chocolate knows what we crave! 

You know a chocolate is respectable when you consume an entire package within a morning. This is exactly what happened when Sibu Seven landed on my doorstep.With a nutrient focused slogan and a name that raised an eyebrow of interest, it was hard not to crack open this chocolate packet and sample some of the sweet squares. The flavors presented were Dark Mint and Milk Orange, which are admittedly two of my greatest weaknesses. When it comes to the mix of coco and those tastes, I certainly have a seasoned tongue. However, shockingly, Sibu Seven was unlike any treat I had tried before. It was balanced, original, and most importantly, refreshing. Dare I say it tasted as if the candy was good for me? It was an indulgent that I simply didn’t feel bad about consuming, hence my empty chocolate box.

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This intense flavoring could be attributed to the company’s motto and basis that revolves around creating a candy that is deliciously healthy. There are no preservatives, no fillers, and no waxes. In fact, pasted directly to the labeling was the phrase “250MG of Omega 7 in Every Piece”. Who wouldn’t feel as though this is a good choice?  Between learning more about it’s health benefits and tasting the uniquely satisfying samples, I was in heaven. If you are looking for a guilt free snack, Sibu Seven is your superior choice. With any luck you will have greater will power than me, but I would not count on it! Find out more at sibubeauty.com.

-Jordan J, Contributing Writer

jordan jackson denver writer

PS – we did devour these treats for free, but only write about our favorite things – this is our opinion

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