Hard Rock Cafe shares a Red Sangria Recipe with Sugar Loco @HARDROCK

There are those moments in our lives where we always remember our “firsts”. First time enjoying ice cream dripping from our chin. First time getting our own dessert when we’re out to eat. How about the first time you’ve been to Hard Rock Cafe? I can definitely remember my first time – walking in and seeing a 1957 Chevy spinning around up from the ceiling, records hung everywhere, life sized mannequins with costumes from television shows. I loved it – and then there was the food – Yum Yum! And that was just as a child – now I’m old enough to enjoy the sweet sips of drinks and boy am I anxious to make this one at home. Hard Rock Cafe is sharing with us their version of a Red Sangria – Enjoy!


Red Sangria

3 oz Merlot

¾ oz Bacardi Superior Rum

1 ½ oz Finest Call Red Sangria Mix


Build ingredients in glass. Garnish with lime, orange and lemon.

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