Healthy Pancakes For A Healthier You

God I miss the days when I could eat anything and still be fit as a fiddle.

Now that I have reached a certain age I really have to be careful not to over eat, and what’s more to be careful what I consume.

Since the cholesterol level on my blood count turned a bit higher than it should be, my doctor said no more chocolate or Nutella for me L.

And to be honest, now that I know I can still eat delicious food that is not that calorie and cholesterol packed, I find the health burden a tiny bit more bearable.

And hear this: they offer healthier versions of my all-time favorite Pancakes.

Pancakes that Scream HEALTHY


Among the recipes anyone can find a pancake recipe they will love, including those like me, striving for a healthier diet and way of life.

The very first recipe I will share with you is totally sugar free, and surprisingly is the one that I love the best. The Healthy Blueberry Oat Pancakes: No Sugar Added are any health obsessed person’s dream. These may not make use of sugar but stevia is a great replacement, and since I love my pancakes super sweet, I added a whole teaspoon of vanilla stevia plus some honey on top.

Who says healthy pancakes can’t be topped with syrup. The Healthy Greek Yogurt Pancakes with a Blueberry-Peach Syrup are so deliciously decadent that you will like to prepare them every day. If you are looking for a healthier and way more interesting version of the regular pancakes, then this is just the recipe for you. You will only need 20 minutes to prepare these pillowy soft beauties and 2 minutes to devour the whole stack J. As for the syrup the pineapple juice provided me with the sweetness I crave for and the peaches and the blueberries made for a freshness of taste that you can only dream of.

Healthy Fall Inspired Pancakes


Being right in the middle of my favorite season: Fall, I couldn’t write an entry on healthy pancakes without a fall staple: pumpkins. This is why I decided to share the Healthy Whole Wheat and Oats Pumpkin Pancakes with all of you pumpkin lovers out there.

Hopefully though, these pancakes will get those of you who don’t like pumpkin in your batter change your minds and go for it. I mean if my sister, who honestly can’t stand pumpkins and their texture, liked these pancakes, then they are sure worth your while.

Being deprived of the things you love is the worst thing ever! But, fortunately nowadays we can find replacement for ALMOST (what can I do, I miss my Nutella) everything. Go ahead and prepare one of these pancake recipes, you will see that they are equally as tasty as those high in calories, only much healthier.

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