Heidi’s Minneapolis Serves Dessert with Drama

Heidi’s Minneapolisis a place I would call “chic quaint”, yes I just coined a new phrase.  It’s modern yet, oh so inviting.  Co-owner Heidi welcomed me with coffee and fresh dessert.  I do believe this may be my new favorite way to start off me day – forget the Wheaties – take a gander at Heidi’s Coffee-Cream Filled Donuts…rolled in cinnamon sugar, and filled with an insanely tasty creamy coffee concotion, I was in heaven.

Heidi's Minneapolis Dessert

At least that’s what I thought, until Heidi brought out the next dessert.  Nitro Chocolate Mousse with peanut butter powder, marshmallow, and a honey cookie.  The trick is that this mousse is mixed in Liquid Nitrogen, so it chills and begins to freeze.  It really is indescribable, but I’ll try.  The flavor is rich and intense like mousse, but cool and creamy like ice cream.  That is pretty close to perfection in my lil’s black dessert book.  I adored the drama of this indulgent delight.

Heidi's Minneapolis Dessert

Oh, and you must not forget to sweep your spoonful across the peanut butter powder.  This is one of the MOST fun desserts I have enjoyed here in Minneapolis.  Tipping my hat to Heidi’s.

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