Dessertcation at The Hermosa Inn and LON’s {Phoenix}

If you’ve lived in the valley for long you have most definitely heard of LON’s. Someone you know or someone you know, knows someone who has definitely had the pleasure of a dining experience at LON‘s whether it be on their relaxing patio or in their elegant dining area.

I, on the other hand, had both the privilege of experiencing LON’s, as well as their romantically relaxing boutique hotel The Hermosa Inn.

The enjoyment and relaxation began the moment I stepped foot on their property. Upon check-in I was generously greeted and accompanied to my room with full details from their hostess/receptionist of the properties amenities. As she walked me to my room I was instantly overjoyed by the rustic western feel of my room, full fireplace and open floor plan.

After getting settled in, I walked through my room taking in each part and then suddenly I stumbled upon this beautiful masterpiece pictured below:

With a slight bit of embarrassment but overpowering amounts of excitement, I called the front desk to ask, “These little chocolates here, are they for me?” With a cheerful tone, the man at the other in informed me that yes they were sent up just for me and that the entire plate was edible {also mentioned that his favorite is the white chocolate cactus}.

ADORABLE Right? With the excitement building I could not wait for my dinner at LON’s that evening and what the chef had planned for this sweet lovin gal.  If a chocolate cactus could get me giddy, you can only imagine what I was feeling in anticipation of dinner.

Our dinner was nothing shy of complete blissfulness. In fact as my husband slowly enjoyed his last bite, he informed me that he’d rather “not talk” for a few moments, as he shut his eyes and took in every ounce of flavor he had just experienced. {If you know my husband, he usually isn’t one to speak like this, Hah!}.

As I passed my plate off to my waiter I knew I had to save room for dessert. Meeting Pastry Chef Trevor Tucker was a complete privilege in itself. You can see his passion for desserts, passion for art and passion for enjoyment in every move he makes and every word he speaks, making sure each dish he delivered was one made for my complete satisfaction.

Delivering desserts that had not only flavors that were exquisite but also beautifully showcased, I knew I was in for a huge treat at LON’s with Chef Trevor. Their Rhubarb and Strawberry Pie served with house-made strawberry sorbet was every bit of summer baked together giving the right amounts of tart paired with everything sweet. Next on the list was a Peach Funnel Cake served with Brown Butter Ice Cream – you all know my love for fried desserts! Customer’s favorite was their Tiramisu with Kahlua Ice Cream served in an adorable little chocolate espresso mug. Running close as one of my favorites was LON’s Ice Cream Sandwich which included two chocolate chip pistachio cookies hugging one of my {now} favorite ice creams, Cajeta, which is a sweet caramel made from goats milk that has been caramelized down. So amazing.

And now to the finale. My favorite. The one that surpassed them all. LON’s Cowboy Candy Bar.

Layered with corn flakes, caramel, almonds and a spiced ganache, this homemade take on a candy bar literally made me sit back in my chair in udder enjoyment. Topped with river salt, the spiced ganache takes what at first is a sweet creamy delight and then gives you a little sizzle at the end sparking your taste buds making them roar for more. You can bet your sweet cheeks there was no question of left-overs when it came to the Cowboy Candy Bar.

Enjoying every moment of my stay at The Hermosa Inn, I was taken from a completely relaxing afternoon and added a splash of fun, flavor and sizzle to my evening at LON’s. Be sure to ask for a dessert menu the moment you check in to your dinner reservations, because I guarantee you, you’ll want to save room.

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