Hi-Chew, The Difference This Halloween

Halloween is upon us. And that means trick or treating. The streets will be filled with pirates and goblins, Disney characters and princesses. For a few hours, it’s going to feel like The Purge out there, with candy being the unfortunate prey. By closing bell, the loot needs to be had.

Like the brave Cowboys of yesteryear, we as parents need to channel our best John Wayne as we corral the kids along the most efficient path, ultimately bringing them back to the house. Phew. As we head to the kitchen and pour ourselves a glass of wine (a generous pour), the kids will run to their rooms (voluntarily this time!). That wine couldn’t taste any better. A well earned glass. That couch looks so good.

The kids are going to be in their rooms; their friends/siblings charting territory and establishing boundaries on various sections of their rug, plotting where they are going to count and sort their mounds of confectionary gold like the famous miser we all read about back in grade school. After a few sharp glances, they’ll be dumping their pillowcases full of candy and meticulously sorting them piece by piece.

And this is your chance to stand out.

Remember sorting through your stash and coming upon a full candy bar? It was pretty sweet. 😉

We present to you a similar opportunity- The Halloween themed Hi-Chew! You’re welcome.





This could be the perfect candy to differentiate yourself from all the other houses on the street. Since it’s a mix between gum and candy, one piece of this should last your kids a lot longer than a Starburst. Plus, it’s not as common of a candy, so you’ll REALLY stand out. Make sure to be ready for the costume-clad-kid crush next year!

Be different. Be bold. And give the gift of Hi-Chew this Halloween!

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