High Point Creamery: Ice Cream Elevated


Owners Erika Thomas and Chad Stutz may not be native to the city where they opened their first ice cream store, High Point Creamery, but they understand Denver. When Erika was describing the origins of the various flavors I was sampling she would use phrases like, “I just puree 6 pounds of organic strawberries and then mix them with cream,” or “The Madagascar vanilla really gives it a nice earthy flavor.” This is ice cream for Colorado – elevated to an art and yet, somehow, still grounded.

The consistency is perfect – thick, rich, creamy, dense. The flavors are unique, but in a way that is artfully crafted, not willfully strange. The earl grey with shortbread is the coziest ice cream I’ve ever tasted. I can picture sitting in an overstuffed chair, curled up with a cup of sweet, milky tea. It is that feeling, but in ice cream form. The cucumber pear and gin granita, an icy, complex and refreshing confection, took me back to an idyllic week spent on a beach drinking sundowners. The mint chocolate bark, made with real mint leaves, transported my dad back to 1960, when he would go to the movies every Saturday and jam his face full of candies shaped like spearmint. These ice creams are better than just delicious – they are evocative.


If you are overwhelmed by the panoply of enticing flavors, no need to worry. Why not start with a flight? 5 different flavors paired with a unique topping, such as black lava salt or candied orange rinds, are a great introduction to the place. Or you could get the three-in-one brilliance that is the Bombe, three layers of ice cream frozen in a copper mold and served by the slice like a cake.

At High Point Creamery, they pay attention to detail and think about their products. It shows. There is an ice cream here for everyone. Kosher? Not a problem, even the marshmallows in the chocolate orange with marshmallows are kosher. Vegan? Try a smooth, creamy coconut ginger. Devoted to eating local? Have a coffee ice cream made with Lakewood’s own Sweet Bloom Coffee.

I will be going back to High Point Creamery, probably often. And my dad, who describes himself as the “original skeptic,” will be going back, too; after his visit he called me and said “That was the best ice cream I’ve ever had.”


And we’re not the only ones who have taken notice. Eatocracy, CNN’s food blog, recently named High Point Creamery as one of “the country’s coolest new ice cream shops.”

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