Hilarious, informative new book from Steve & Karen Roth – I Married A Nutritionist !!!

image001-1Steve Roth is a former TV comedy writer based in the Los Angeles area, and as you might have guessed, he’s married to a nutritionist. Steve and his wife Karen have teamed up to provide the thoroughly entertaining guide to eating right, I Married A Nutritionist. Since we usually only bring you indulgent treats and adult beverages, we think we owe it to our readers to sprinkle in a little healthy eating advice from time to time 😉


The book is specifically geared towards golfers, but honestly its lessons are good for anyone with an active lifestyle. It’s full of tips on hydration (coconut water!!!), maintaining energy, preparation, and recovery. They don’t stop at just teaching you the concepts though. The book is full of delicious recipes so you can put what you’ve learned to practice in the kitchen.


The best part of the book though may be the back-and-forth dialogue between the husband and wife team of authors. Staying true to his comedy writing roots, Steve has sprinkled the book with little witticisms that are sure to bring a smile to your face. And if some jokes don’t land, don’t worry – Karen’s the first to call him out. That’s what makes this book perfect for anyone in a relationship, even if you don’t golf. You’ll definitely be able to relate to the dialogue and you’ll have no choice but to learn about nutrition!

Interested in buying the book, or learning more about it? Check it out on Amazon or go to their Webpage!!

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