Hilarious new Ad Campaign for Wild Turkey American Honey!!

Wild Turkey has just launched an innovative new ad campaign entitled “Bad News For Boring”. We’re not sure that this was really necessary for the brand – When was the last time you had a boring night that started with drinking Wild Turkey? On the other hand, we are all for the idea of breaking from the norm with advertising. How many different versions of the “Drink this and have fun!” ads have you seen on TV lately? Doesn’t really seem like too much thought goes into that, other than however much thought it takes to find beautiful people willing to be paid to look like they’re drinking stuff.

Wild Turkey American Honey is kicking the traditional liquor ad campaign to the curb. On top of hilarious youtube videos like this one,

they’re putting up interactive bus stop ads that turn the whole waiting area into a streetside party, complete with music and flashing lights. The ad campaign culminates with sending an entire social sports club to Las Vegas –  the least boring place on Earth! So go check out all the info on this ad campaign – unless you do like boring.


You can find all the info, including contest rules, on the Bad News for Boring Homepage. Good Luck!!

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