History Can Be SWEET!

Some people go to the obvious places when they get a sweet snack attack.  Not I, my friend.  I search and find amazing confections in the craziest of places.  While I was in our nation’s capital (Washington, DC for our international friends) I wanted to indulge in something from a little unknown locale…Like the Smithsonian’s American History Museum. Ever heard of it?

The White Chocolate and sprinkles you see here conceal a moist and marshmallowy krispie treat.  And no finger licking necessary, it’s all on a stick.  Not too shabby for a museum cafeteria.

Another one to check out (sorry, I am picture free, but trust me) is the cafeteria at the Smithsonian’s Native American Museum.  I saw chocolate tarts, raspberry tarts, and chocolate dipped coconut macaroons.

I didn’t learn a thing at the museums except that they have hidden sweet treasures (kidding, I got to see Michael Jackson’s hat).  Go check them out for yourself – admission is FREE!

Like what you see?  Show them some sugar…

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Disclaimer:  These are 100% the opinions of Sugar Loco.   We paid for our own snack attack.

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