Honey and Fruit Wine in Utah

As many of you know, I had the privilege of attending the 2012 Park City Food and Wine Classic and was truly taken aback by the breathtaking beauty of this town and sense of community everywhere I went. While attending this event I sampled some of the finest wines and met many exceptional people along the way, but my main focus was to seek out the sweetest wines to bring back and tell each of you all about. Previously I mentioned {here} some of the dessert wines that I sampled and enjoyed, but the two I’m going to mention below were a notch above the rest.

 The Hive Winery, located in Layton, Utah offers some of the sweetest flavor combinations I’ve ever encountered when it comes to wine. From Raspberry Peach to Raspberry Honey (yes, I’m a raspberry fan) I continued to enjoy each wine more than the other. This husband and wife duo had always enjoyed making wines at home and soon decided to take their hobby and turn it into a career. The Hive Winery specializes in fruit and honey wines using local products to produce this delicious glass full of bursting flavors.

This next wine was created by a brother and sister team who I absolutely adored upon meeting. Located in northern Utah, the Slide Ridge Winery had by far my favorite wine and vinegar, yes vinegar, of the event. Specializing in Wine, Vinegar, Honey and Lotion, Slide Ridge has mastered the art of honey and poured it in a glass for all of us to enjoy. Now listen up y’all, this sweet-lovin-down-to-the-bones-arizona-gal who seriously has an issue if she goes to bed without a craving satisfied drove all the way down to the nearest Whole Foods Marketplace just to buy some more of this wine to bring back to AZ, only to find out that Utah is a dry state! Boy did I look like a wine-o in the grocery line.

I am still craving their wine {and vinegar} but guess what?! You can order it online! Woo-Hoo!

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The Hive Winery

Slide Ridge Winery

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