Hoppy Holidays with The Rabbit Corkscrew, Other New Rabbit Products

With the festivities of the holidays upon us, there’s never been a better time to check out some of these Rabbit products. Everything from a Rabbit Corkscrew to a Rabbit Ice Tray, we’ve got you covered.


Rabbit Stainless Steel Electric Corkscrew

Things you need to know:
· Corkscrew automatically removes and ejects the cork – no buttons necessary
· Spiral is recessed so corkscrew locks on bottle; cork is pulled straight out
· Illuminated LCD screen shows number of cork pulls left in charger
· Single charge opens 30+ bottles of wine
· AC Charger and Foil Cutter included

Our TakeThis one is for the gadget lovers out there. You know who you are. You consider the Brookstone Catalog your quarterly bible and only fly through airports with Sharper Images inside. Walking into your house is like walking onto the set of The Jetsons. This electric corkscrew is by no means necessary, but it is REALLY cool and basically automatic.


Rabbit Winged Corkscrew

Things you need to know:
· Designed to overcome problems in the operation of conventional winged corkscrews
· Fixed worm design provides additional leverage to open
· Rotating ring at base makes bottle alignment easy and it fits all bottle sizes

Our Take: This one is for the minimalists. With most corkscrews, fewer parts means you need an expert to operate them. I can’t be the only one who’s ripped a cork in half with a handheld corkscrew, right? Rabbit’s winged corkscrew takes all of the guesswork out of opening a wine bottle while still keeping a sleek, classic look.



Rabbit Growler

Things you need to know:
· Constructed of durable double-walled stainless steel
· Brushed stainless steel finish
· Wide mouth for easy cleaning
· Large handle is convenient for transporting and pouring
· 64 ounce capacity

Our Take: A slight departure from most of Rabbit’s accessory lineup, the growler is still a must-have. Ever gone to a picnic, or a party, or any other outdoor event and tried the wine? Usually your choices are “80 degree White” or “80 degree Red”. Not anymore! The Rabbit Growler keeps your beverage at the temperature you need whenever you need it, wether you’re ice-fishing with hot toddies or sipping chardonnay in Death Valley.


Rabbit Aerator

Things you need to know:
· Instantly aerates the wine as you pour
· Improves flavor and bouquet
· Dripless pour spout

Our Take: Wine aerators have been around for awhile now, but none this affordable at this quality. Think about it this way – aerating wine can make a $5 bottle of wine taste like a $20 splurge. So how much money will you save by buying just 1 of these? Certainly more than $25! I would say how much mine has saved me, but I’m worried that someone who’s really good at counting by 15’s will call me out in the comments.


Rabbit Bottle Stoppers

Things you need to know:
· Provides an air-tight seal to prolong and preserved opened bottles of wine
· Fits all bottle sizes
· Made of silicone and zinc
· Easy to use and reusable
· Set of two

Our TakeThe only real question with these is “Why not just use the cork???” Honestly, there are a few good reasons. First of all, forcing a cork in and out of a bottle is almost invariably going to lead to some crumbling. We all know how terrible cork makes wine taste. Beyond that, you’re not getting the same airtight seal every time. With these bottle stoppers, you can keep a bottle of wine for days at a time without having to worry about contaminations from the cork or the air. Plus these are like 100x classier.


Rabbit Stainless Steel Electric Wine Preserver

Things you need to know:
· Preserves wine in 10 to 15 seconds
· Easy to use—push button and preserve wine’s flavor and bouquet for a week or more
· Batteries and two stoppers are included

Our Take: A lot of you are probably thinking you don’t need this, but that’s what everyone was saying about aerators 15 years ago. Imagine being able to have a glass of wine tonight, then sitting down to that same bottle next week and having another glass that’s just as fresh as last week’s. This is for the wine aficionado who doesn’t want to feel forced to finish a whole bottle every night.



Rabbit Clear Ice Tray

Things you need to know:
· Make 4 cubes of clear ice at a time
· Bigger cubes melt slower ensuring less dilution
· Plastic insert removes for easy cleaning

Our Take: If you’re the type that hates when ‘iced coffee’ is someone pouring hot coffee into a cup and flinging in ice cubes and calling it an ‘iced coffee’, then this Rabbit Ice Tray might be for you. Gone are the days of the melted ice in your glass diluting the good stuff that you’ve been looking forward to all day.


Rabbit Push Muddler

Things you need to know:
· Muddler head spins to crush ingredients with unparalleled ease
· Sturdy stainless steel construction
· Specially designed head
· Easily disassembles for cleaning

Our Take If you’ve ever played bartender at home when you’ve had your friends over for a game night or that weekly TV show, then you know that moment when you have to make that themed drink you’ve been talking up all week. You know the muddling ahead is more of a workout than that spin class you didn’t go to this morning. Don’t worry, the Rabbit Push Muddler has you covered.


Rabbit Freezable Beer Glasses

Things you need to know:
· Instantly chills beer and keeps it cold
· Double walled borosilicate glass walls are filled with food-safe chilling liquid
· Silicone base protects hands and tables
· Set of 2 12 oz. glasses

Our Take: These are pretty self explanatory. At least we think so. Do you want chilled beer? Do you want it instantly? Yeah, we know. Self explanatory. Just don’t get caught without the ability to do it.


Rabbit Freezable Whiskey Glasses

Things you need to know:
· Instantly chills drinks
· Double walled borosilicate glass walls are filled with food-safe chilling liquid
· No sweat silicone base protects hands and tables
· Set of 2, 8 oz. glasses

Our Take: When it comes to whiskey, especially if you’ve shelled out for that nice bottle, sometimes you want it neat without the effects of a melting ice cube. Or maybe you don’t like how, as a whiskey ball rests on your upper lip, your lip freezes. There are many reasons you might not want ice as the cooling method. Why not have the glass do it? Rabbit asked that question too.



Rabbit Wine Chilling Carafe

Things you need to know:
· Keeps pre-chilled wine cold for 90 minutes or more
· Ideal for white wine, rose and Zinfandel
· Chills the natural way – no plastic or freezable chemicals
· Stainless ice chamber is fastest, most effective chiller
· Holds a full 750 ml bottle of wine
· Serve wine with a touch of elegance – indoors and out
· Suitable for iced tea and other cold liquids
· 5-Year Warranty on ice chamber
· Dishwasher safe and BPA-Free

Our Take: Ever been on a picnic? What about a concert in the Commons? Still haven’t stuck something? Let me be more forward then – have you ever wanted a nice chilled bottle of wine outside of your home? Ah, there we go. Now I have you. See above. Problem solved.




Rabbit Velvet Champagne Set

Things you need to know:
· Pliers and sealer are solid zinc with an elegant champagne finish
· Pliers make opening a bottle of wine safe and easy
· Sealer will keep Champagne fresh and bubbly
· Metal construction for added durability

Our Take: Let’s be honest with ourselves, we’re not all celebrating a Daytona 500 victory or lording over an exclusive table at an impossible-to-get-into club. Poppin’ bottles might have been fun after a weeklong exam stint in college, but is it really always appropriate? Short answer, yes. Long answer, maybe. If you find yourself in a position where you need to behave, this Velvet Champagne set will do the trick.


Hopefully the breakdowns of the Rabbit Corkscrew and the other exciting new Rabbit products above help you make some good decisions before the holidays!

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