How much wine to make Seven Daughters? @sevendaughters

Seven Daughters – can you imagine? My mother in law had Six Sons, but when it comes to daughters what do you think? Can you imagine all the laughter, screaming, best friends, hairspray, gallons of ice cream and late night gossiping? I see just by observing my husbands family with the 6 boys, why someone with 7 daughters may have a wine company! ::insert giggle as now I’m a parent and “get it”:: But the wines are their Seven Daughters and the best friends, gallons of ice cream and late night gossiping is all the same!

Seven Daughters Wine

Starting with 7 different varietals and an idea of what pairs the best with wine, a few {friends} and wine makers gathered together with the same concept in mind: Wine is paired the best with laughter, story telling and great conversation!

Their array of wines range from the perfect bottle to sip with a friend or a few bottles to share at a gathering (Unless its a GREAT NIGHT of storytelling with one friend — you may need a few bottles for that).

I enjoyed Seven Daughter‘s White wine, on the couch with my hubby and it was the perfect blend to enjoy the night!

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