{How To} It’s All About The Presentation

Yes, your desserts may taste delicious, but how easy is it to take them one step further by creating a dessert-dreamland table for your next event?  Anders Ruff knows how to do it right and we got our little hands on their tips and tricks for styling an impressive table-scape that will have your guests oohing and aaahing.

Anders Ruff Tips on Styling A Dessert/Candy Display:

    • Pick a color scheme or theme first!  This will help direct all of the decisions you make for the embellishments and treats you display.
    • Choose your serving pieces and be consistent.  We love to stick with either all white or all glass, in most cases.  There are times when we mix the two, but we make sure that pieces that add vertical height are all the same “look”.
    • We love using coordinating fabrics as backdrops.  It helps showcase your display and draws attention and detail to the focal point in the room – the dessert table!
    • You don’t have to use a table for your display.  Use your favorite piece of furniture or an unexpected base for your display.
      Embellish your desserts and display with printable graphics.  Our Easter Collection includes so many options to add amazing detail to your display.
    • You can embellish both the desserts and the table itself. From party flags (that are great to top off lollipop sticks from cake pops, truffles or just stuck in a simple pastry) to cupcake toppers and dessert party labels / food tent cards.
    • Glass apothecary jars are easy to find at any craft store or antique store.  Fill them with solid colored coordinating candies.  Embellish the container with a ribbon secured through a printed party logo design.
    • Get creative with your cupcake displays.  Think outside the box.  Cupcake stands can sometimes be overdone so think of new ways to display cupcakes.  We chose to display them in painted fiber pots with shred fill.  We put the cupcakes in cute polka dotted baking cups.
    • If you have a large vessel to fill – don’t sweat the cost of the candy.  You can fake it by placing a glass inside the vessel to take up more space and then the candy you pour in will cover the glass “filler” and no one will ever notice that the entire container isn’t filled (Sort of like The hollow chocolate Easter Bunny concept!)
    • Use printable patterned paper to add style to any serving platter by using it as a tray liner.
      Package up treats in a creative way by using printable papers and designs to embellish boring cellophane bags and paper treat bags.
    • Printables take your party to “the next level!” Printable graphics are economical and give the creative hostess flexibility to print the designs as many times as they need and use them in a variety of ways.  Parties styled with custom printables always get a huge applause from guests (and they don’t always realize how simple it really was to create!)

Like what you see?  Show them some sugar…

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