How to Make a Black Forest Torte {Video}

Black Forest TorteEric Forsland from Wuollet Bakery (5 Twin Cities Locations) shows us how to make a Black Forest Torte and shares his background in the bakery industry.  Be sure to catch the video how-to at the bottom, you will realize this dessert is not a difficult as you think.  The Black Forest Torte would be a super impressive dessert to make for Valentine’s Day…after all, chocolate cake is the ultimate in sexy desserts!

SL: Tell us a bit about yourself?

Eric: I started working at a bakery about 20 years ago.  My artistic ability got me hired as a cake decorator.  I had no baking or pastry chef experience.  I’ve been very fortunate to have been able to explore a broad array of decorating varieties from figure piping and carved cakes, to freehand airbrush portraits on marzipan.  I got to learn, on the job, what many people have to go culinary school for.  I cherish the fact that I have the opportunity to use real art skills on my creations.  Working for a bakery that uses high quality ingredients and makes everything from scratch is gratifying.

SL: Why desserts?

Eric: This is a hard one for me because I fell into my career with cake decorating not desserts in mind.  One thing I love about desserts though is there is an infinite variety of tastes, textures, and decorations to consider.  You can never get bored.  Everything I do is an edible work of art!

SL: Where do you get inspiration?

Eric: My inspiration comes from my need to be satisfied as an artist.  When my product is complete it has to not only look beautifully decorated but be well built with the best ingredients.  If it looks great and tastes great costumers will come back.

SL: What advice would you give to those of us trying to create desserts at home?
Eric: Do your homework before you begin.  Make a test run and use your family and friends for guinea pigs.  Most people are satisfied to make a cake and ice it.  Go the extra mile with some creativity like a special icing border or some decorative nuts.  An unusual garnish will make an impression.

SL: What do you make in your own kitchen?

Eric: With all my years around cakes and tortes I prefer desserts that are out of the ordinary.  I’ll try things like wrapping dark chocolate in puff pastry and glazing it with lavendar honey.

SL: What is the one kitchen tool you couldn’t live without?

Eric: A good assortment of knives.

SL: What was your most memorable dessert?

Eric: My wedding cake.  Four tiers of devilsfood split and filled with dark sweet cherries, red tart cherries, and chocolate ganache.

SL: If you were a dessert, what would you be?  And why?

Eric: A lollapalooza from Bridgeman’s!  It’s got everything!

Check out the video to see how you can make a Black Forest Torte at home!

Here is what the final cake looks like after you have added all the layers and some extra whipping cream to the top {fancy, right?}.

Black Forest Torte Recipe