Humble Pie {Denver}

Tired of self-righteous pie?  The kind of pie that can talk nothing more than just all about itself?  Snooty, smug, and egotistical. Gah!  There are times when you know you’re having Pie over after dinner, but all you can think about is how Pie openly steals the show, making it all about his little pie self.  As if.  If it weren’t for Pie’s deliciousness, you’d never be friends.  I’d like to change your perception of pie and introduce you to your new BPF (Best Pie Forever).  Humble Pie.  A show-stopping pie, yet unassuming.  Humble Pie Denver

Humble Pie, located at 300 Elati in Denver, is a pie shop which began just a few short months ago in October by it’s most humble owners – Tamara and Jessica.  Tamara, is SWEET as pie so it’s no doubt they’re raking in the dough.  And with a new contract with Tony’s Market, they’ll be serving up they’re homemade creations all over the metro area.  Chess Pie, Cheddar Apple Pie, and a few other sweet pies to choose from.Banana Buttermilk Pie from Humble Pie Denver

Not only gorgeous to look at, but easy on the tongue too.  I tried my hand at both savory and sweet – and since I’m here to talk about sweet, I feel madly in love with the owner’s favorite pie – Banana Buttermilk Pie.  They create their own graham crackers for the crust of this pie and then grind them up, and add bananas and butter – yes, bananas IN the crust.  This creates one of the most chewy and unique crusts I’ve ever laid mouth on.  And the filling, oh the filling, a delightful and creamy consistency with the perfect banana flavor.  I don’t think I set my fork down until I made sure no pie was left behind.

PS, I tried the savory pies too – OHMAHGAWSH. IMSTILLSALIVATING.

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