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Hunting season is upon us and what better way than after all the hunters in your family come back from a weekend of the rugged outdoors than to be “Susie Homemaker” and have a cake ready upon their arrival.

Who are we kidding people??! Hunting season?! Hunting season! Sounds more like vacation for our hubby’s as we HOLD DOWN THE FORT here at home. Heck cake for their arrival? More like cake for us at home  after the kiddos go to bed. So how much more supportive of a wife can we be than to indulge ourselves in a Hunting Camo Cake while they’re gone? Now that’s HUNTING SEASON!

Duff Goldman Camouflage Cake Mix


Duff Goldman does it again, bringing us an awesome twist to at home baking. He’s offered us the Zebra Cake and the Tie Dye Cake, but now a Camouflage Cake – Love this one!

The kiddos and I whipped up a batch the other night and I was so happy with the results. Not only is this great for the “hunter” but I think it would be a really fun cake if you were hosting a themed party that was G.I. Joe or even a homecoming party for someone in the military.

Duff Goldman Camo Cake diy


Always there to offer us products that are a little edgy, Duff Goldman is lining the shelves of local stores with his crazy, fun and delicious products!

We love you Duff!

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