I promised y’all some Duff Brownies!

I promised y’all some Duff Goldman Brownies back when I told you about his completely awesome line of baking products including Cake Tattoo’s and Glitter! (Sounds like something you need to keep away from your teenagers right? hah! NAH! They’ll be fine!)

Duff Goldman Baking Duff.com Brownies

We kept waiting and waiting for the *perfect* night to bake, but then really, isn’t every night the perfect night? My daughter and I grabbed our box of Duff Brownies and pulled out his specifically made ridiculously amazing brownie pan….yep, a pan just for brownies!

Baking these were fast and easy, which I LOVE when it comes to (1) Having a 3 year old who thinks once you’ve mixed it, poured it and placed it, you should be able to eat it right then too! and (2) the fact that I too am as impatient as a toddler and WANT THEM NOW!

The brownies were yummy. The baking was easy. And the joys of watching my daughter learn in the kitchen = Priceless!

Duff Goldman Brownie Mix

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PS – we did devour these treats for free, but only write about our favorite things – this is our opinion

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