Ice Cream Lovers Collide

You’ve walked the cold aisles of your grocery store craving some sweetness, yet so cold you just can’t get your mind around a decision.  Then you panic and choose the old standby pint that is just “meh”.

Captain Choose Something New is here to give you a few new, and delicious options in the frozen tundra section of your grocery store.

Magnum Minis –   I assumed that you were supposed to eat these like chips? Because that is what happened.  And then I tried the large and in charge, Double Caramel Magnums – can you say “had to slap my own hand to stop myself from eating the entire box”?  Ya, it happened.

What would you do for a Choco-Taco Klondike Bar?  Would you Mexican Hat Dance in your underwear with a cockroach on your head?  I would.  Two ice cream worlds collide when you take the classic Choco-Taco and introduce it to the crisp and chocolate crunch of a Klondike bar.

I’m obsessed with Mrs. Fields…No, I haven’t been caught standing outside her window late at night drooling over her cookies.  I said caught…yet.  Breyers has launched new  Breyers Blasts flavors which meld some of your favorite candy bar and cookie creations together into one lovely package.  No skimping on the mix-ins, each spoonful of ice cream is fully loaded with your favorites.  I ate up the Mrs Fields Cookie Blasts, but the S’mores was out of this world too!

 Like what you see?  Show them some sugar…

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  • Oh how I love ice cream! I’ve been wanting to try those Magnum ice cream bars…and I don’t think I’ve ever had a Choco-taco!

    • July 31, 2012

      Jenny @ Sugar Loco

      Hint Brandie, Try the double caramel bars. HOLY TOLEDO! You’ll snap at anyone that comes near you for fear of them taking away your delicious pop!