Ice Cream Spotlight on High Point Creamery

Traditionally, a one-year anniversary is celebrated with the gift of paper. But honestly, that’s a little lame. And lame is definitely not a term Denverites associate with one of the city’s favorite ice cream shop, High Point Creamery. For the ice cream shop’s 365-day milestone the owners and dynamic duo behind HPC purchased a food truck, naming her name “Big Pinky”, once and for all proving that these are people who know how to party.

Aside from this shiny new toy being extra pretty, “Big Pinky” really does offer so much more than just her good looks. Lavish and well-crafted desserts are still scooped from this form of the brand’s entity. In fact, it is more accessible than ever to grab a cone of some of the Mile High’s most exceptional frozen treats. For example, no longer is Raspberry Basil Swirl confined to its Holly Street shop. Ice cream lovers from across the city can rejoice in weekly conveniences of finding the mobile pink truck throughout a plethora of Denver neighborhoods, easily tracked on social media.


Big Pinky


Also new (or renewed) to the shop this summer was an eclectic cast of flavors. High Point Creamery went above and beyond to bring their community a unique sampling of exotic and classic tastes. These include, but are not limited to: Cilantro with Orange Marmalade, Simply Strawberry, and Mango Coconut Lassa, as well as a fan favorite, Lemon Popsicle with Raspberry, and a wholesome, handcrafted Cookies and Cream. From childhood favorites, to bucket list items, they really do have a little something for everyone who enters their shop or tracks down their truck.


My personal favorite? Nocturne’s Rosemary and Apricot. It is a sweet and creamy sensation that packs a distinctly sharp herbal flavor. It is the perfect fit for a hot summer day or for polishing off a favorite meal.


Ice Cream Case


To find out more about High Point Creamery and what they are serving up next, please visit and be sure follow them on social media.



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