iCookbook: A Cooks Best Friend {App}

If you know anything about me, you will agree that I am a cookbook hoarder. Yes, I am. I have many a cookbook as well as magazines filled with recipes. But now, I have gone digital. How? Well, I was given the chance to use and review an app called iCookbook.

iCookbook is not just your ordinary food recipe app; it not only has a vast assortment of recipes but the app also contains helpful tools that make cooking in the kitchen as easy as child’s play.  I can tell you with a straight face that as soon as I opened the app on my iPad 2, I could not put it back down!

There are so many different themes, dishes, cuisines, and an ingredient to choose from, it is impossible to pull yourself away from it. Just searching for desserts alone – the app has well over 500 different sweets to choose from.  And the photos! Oh my, these are just mouthwatering

But there is something else:  there is a built in timer that you can use and the app itself is voice activated! So while you’re busy cooking, if you need to turn pages to continue to the next step all you have to do is just say so with a simple command and the app will do it for you. Now you can completely hands free while cooking!

A second  feature that I found to be quite helpful is the Tools option in the Meal Builder section. This tab has all types of  conversions that a cook could ever need. It even has a list for ingredient substitutions. That to me is extremely important especially when cooking for clients.

iCookbook has so many other goodies, it is just impossible to pick my favorite. In my honest opinion, iCookbook is a kitchen essential for anyone who loves to cook. The app is just amazing. I highly recommend it.

The iCookbook can be found in the iTunes store for both iPad/iPhone, WebOS and in Amazon apps for Android users.

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