Incredible Strawberry Pancake Recipes!

Sweet strawberries are my all time favorite fruit. This is why I am always excited when they are mentioned. I love to eat them as it is, or with cream or chocolate, but of course I love to add them to my favorite dishes as well. I found this site where I’ve found many great pancakes recipes to try, including these strawberry pancake recipes. I love the site because they have different kind of recipes that we are used to.


Strawberries Complete Pancakes

For starters, you should know that strawberries can be used as a toping to any kind of sweet pancake, they go well with other fruits (such as apples, pears, or other berries) and also they go well with chocolate and even maple syrup. So no wonder I chose the simplest traditional pancakes as the first one. The Strawberry Pancakes are the regular pancakes, only you add fresh strawberries as a filling. But that doesn’t make it any less tasty. In fact, it is an asset rather than a flaw, since it is easy to prepare and even non-cooks will be able to get it. And it is the strawberries that will allow for a richer flavor with every bite.

Now we head on to a bit more complicated recipe. Don’t get discouraged right away, it may not be as simple as the previous one, but it is not rocket science, it’s pancakes. The Roasted Strawberry Pancakes offer you the ultimate strawberry experience! Since strawberries are wet, roasting them will allow for them to hold together. Warning! Don’t get carried away with the wonderful smell they produce, no matter how heavenly it is, you should get the strawberries out in 10 minutes, otherwise they will burn. As for the base, it is a simple recipe only instead of the regular you should use buttermilk. This pancake base will only take you about ten minutes to prepare, and once you are done with it, just stir the strawberries in and start cooking your pancakes.


Whole Wheat Healthy Strawberry Pancake

Last, but surely not least, I bet every strawberry lover will get excited at the healthy Whole Wheat Strawberry Pancakes. These delicious pancakes will be done in a matter of minutes, and believe me they will be gone in a matter of seconds. The good thing is they are whole wheat so you don’t have to worry about getting fat. As for the sauce, which is the star of this recipe, you will need a cup of diced strawberries, a bit of honey and a tablespoon of maple syrup. Just put all of these in a sauce pan and stir over medium heat. Be sure to serve the sauce while still warm!

But if I didn’t manage to satiate your strawberry pancake recipes cravings with these recipes, you can see lots of different strawberry pancake ideas on Pinterest.


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