Introducing Truly Spiked & Sparkling – Go Loco with Sugar!

I know we run a lot of drinks on here, and that might make you think “Well wait, I thought this was SUGARloco?”. I hear you, it can be confusing. But this drink is different. It’s ENTIRELY appropriate that it’s being featured here, because it’s an alcoholic drink MADE FROM SUGAR!!! Introducing – Truly Spiked & Sparkling.

The first major differentiator here – where else are you going to find a 5% abv drink that doesn’t have gluten in it? That %age is right in beer’s wheelhouse, but you’re pretty much out of luck if you can’t have it. Sure, you could drink an overly sweetened hard cider, but then you’re THAT person. And how many tannin-induced hangovers can you go through before you stop crushing entire bottles of wine?

Which brings me to the second selling point here. This drink is so CLEAN. There are like 6 ingredients in each bottle, so you know they’re not poisoning you. On top of that, each bottle is only 100 calories and 2 carbs. This is one of those times I’m going to have to remind you to Drink Responsibly, because you probably won’t want to.

Which brings us to the taste. This is not one of those flavored vodkas that whips an essential oil into booze mixed with sugar – this is as cool, crisp, and refreshing as a Canada Dry or Perrier sparkling water. The flavors and alcohol content don’t overwhelm. All in all, perfectly balanced, and a must-add to your summer picnic cooler.


Interested in Truly Spiked & Sparkling? You can check them out on Facebook and Instagram for more!

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