Jelly Belly, a delicious phone app {app}

I know it comes as a surprise to you, we really love candy around here.  I mean, really love it.  We all have a different style, you know – you either chomp it right away, or you savor it until it’s a tiny sliver in your mouth.  So sharp it could actually sever your tongue, sending you to the hospital for stitches – don’t ask, I won’t admit to it.  

I’m always thrilled when some of my favorite companies come up with inventive ways to showcase their goods.  And Jelly Belly did just that.  The new Jelly Belly App, available for Androids (yay, winner winner, I have an Android – suck it iPhones!).  Choose your favorite flavors and watch them come alive on your home screen – tumbling around, making you crave their many delicious flavors.  Salivating and then having to throw your phone in rice to save it – don’t ask, again.

The free app is ONLY available to Android phones in Google Play (just search for Jelly Belly) , for the time being.  I suppose you iPhone users will get your chance soon too, and then you can be cool like me.

Like what you see?  Show them some sugar…


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