Typically we cannot keep games around our house.  I have a toddler.  He’s a boy.  He destroys anything and everything in his path, like a roaring tornado.  Most recently I went to grab Yahtzee to play with my daughters as he napped, only to find 8 gold fish crackers and 3 of the 5 dice needed to play.  OY.  My new solution to solving the missing pieces to the games?  Bribery with Jelly Belly UNO.  This is going to be good.  Every time I see his wheels start turning to rip a card or grab the whole deck for a fun game of 52 card pick-up, I will slyly sneak him a Jelly Belly.  Candy wins every-single-time.

How adorable is this?

And I’m not condoning you cheat, however, we have all been in a bind when we’ve had that last card in our hand and have forgotten to yell UNO!  What better than the “Jelly Belly break” tactic, right before Little Miss Rebecca Rules calls you out on it.  It’s kinda like “Hey, what’s that over there???” While you pretend to put your second to last card down.

Jelly Belly games are available in UNO and Apples to Apples.

Like what you see?  Show them some sugar…


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