Jenny’s Vacation Pictures

Most people, when they go on vacation, have their camera loaded with pictures of good times, pristine beaches and tourist traps..well not I!  I look back at my photos and see desserts, desserts and more desserts.  Am I weird?  Or am I just completely cuckoo for delicious confections?

Cruise’s are known for having amazing food, and don’t get me wrong I ate like it was my last meal, at every meal, but really I saved the most room for dessert…or two…each night.  Enjoy my vacation pictures…

Night one in Miami – I’m not going to count it (no picture). Completely disappointing brownie at the hotel we stayed at.  Note to self:  Never trust the bartender for a brownie recommendation – I ate the vanilla bean ice cream off the top and threw the rest away.  What a sad, sad waste.

Night twoMelting Chocolate Cake with a side of vanilla ice cream.  Very similar to this recipe – it was amazing and tempting to order every single night.  But the courageous connoisseur that I am took a dessert risk every night.

Night threeCherries Jubilee, who couldn’t resist a bowl of vanilla ice cream topped with schnockered cherries?

Night fourTiramisu – I had a few bites and then my thoughts went back to night two’s Melting Chocolate Cake.  I looked around me and everyone else had hit the jackpot with that delight.  Oh well…I cried on my cake.

Night fiveVanilla Bean Souffle with Grand Marnier sauce.  This was delish – it was a lovely combination of vanilla and that infamous Grand Marnier flavor my taste buds adore.

Day six – you read that right – DAY, I’m in the Bahamas, which has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, and where do you find me?  Eating dessert at a little coffee shop – Via Caffe (ya, that’s probably Italian – not Bahamian at all).  I had the most amazing Double Fudgey Brownie Ice Cream Truffle – Chocolate ice cream hugging a brownie bite and all covered in a crisp chocolatey shell.  mmmm, mmmm, good!

Night six – this was the night I got smart.  I ordered two desserts – Chocolate Amaretto Cake with a caramel sauce AND I went back to my fantasy dessert – the Melting Chocolate Cake.  And just as I had suspected – nothing beat that melting cake.  NOTHING.  I could’ve licked the plate clean of that caramel sauce on the other one, but otherwise, my love on this ship was that Chocolate Cake (oh and of course my husband).

My advice: Next time you’re cruisin’ and the dessert menu is your oyster – just go for it.  If you find a fave get that AND another dessert that you might find intriguing.  That way you’re not left dreaming about your preferred pastry.

Here’s a real vacay picture…


  • February 17, 2011


    oooh, warm chocolate melting cake…come hither

  • February 17, 2011

    Deanna Hernandez-Arza

    Love the pics…it looks yummy

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  • February 20, 2011


    OMG!!! Especially on the vanilla bean souffle! Oh and the bahamas thing too <3

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