JJ’s Rockin Cupcakes, to your door

Now YOU can sink your teeth into JJ’s Rockin Cupcakes, the NY based “drive thru” bakery is now expanding to delivery – anywhere!  Enjoy yourself a Red Velvet cupcake from YOUR bathtub (what? no one else does that?).  Or slather some peanut butter buttercream atop of JJ’s super moist and delicious chocolate cupcake while vacuuming your living room.  However you do it, you’ll enjoy the heck outta big ol’ muscley JJ’s creations (though we know he’s a teddy bear).

Tip: put your unfrosted cupcake in the micro for about 10 seconds…the moistness goes through the roof.  Oh my.

Confession:  sometimes I eat the frosting straight out of the tube.

Like what you see?  Show them some sugar…


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