Let Barb’s Caramel Melt You Away

I recently received a sampling from Barb’s Sweets & Treats. The package arrived while my grandparents were here so they instantly were intrigued by what it is  that I do and were more than willing to assist. Unwrapping the box I was pleasantly surprised to see several flavors of caramels ranging from Spiced Apple to Hawaiian Sea Salt, Espresso, & Cocoa, along with several other “sweet treats”

Discreetly labeled was a special package of caramels that had only ever been sampled by Barb herself. Labeled “BB”, my grandfather and I sunk our teeth into this rich chewy delight and let our taste buds do the talking. As we sat silently trying to decide what this hidden flavor was, my grandpa says, “This is so delicious, I don’t even want to chew it, I just want it to dissolve in my mouth.”

Browned Butter is the flavor and buttery it sure was. Each having a distinct taste, Barb’s caramels melted away leaving a rich comfort of sweetness in every bite.

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  • I don’t think I’ve ever had caramel in different flavors such as these….they sound amazing.

  • June 20, 2012


    i used to love these and eat them until i truly thought my fillings were going to come out when I opened my jaw … LOL!

  • June 21, 2012


    Oops, I’m thinking of the not so melt in your mouth caramels … LOL!