Justin’s Nut Butter

What does one do when they are just about to make some peanut butter blossom cookies, only to realize they are all out the main ingredient- peanut butter? Why they sit and sulk until Fed Ex arrives bearing gifts a plenty!  It seems Sugar Loco always knows when I am in a bind, and shows up just in time to save the day. The 5 year old immature me laughed hysterically when I saw that the package was from Justin’s Nut Butter (c’mon, you can’t tell me I’m alone in my immaturity, it’s a giggle worthy name!) , and then I praised the “Sugar Loco Lords” as my baking needs could be met.

Justin's Nut Butter

What’s not to love about peanut butter, after all it is my main source of protein. And with Justin’s Nut Butter you get that and much more health benefits. Justin’s started in Boulder, Colorado in 2002 when founder, Justin Gold,yearned for a tastier peanut butter. They only use the highest quality natural and organic ingredients that are  harvested and found as locally as possible.  Justin’s products use only PPO-free almonds, are certified gluten- free,  and kosher. Justin’s products are not only tasty in every way possible, but also offer a variety of choices, allowing something for everyone.

Aside from being out of peanut butter that day, I also happen to be out of Nutella. How did I dare let that happen you ask? Well I tried out a recipe for Nutella pretzel brownies that used up the last of my jar. So imagine the smile that appeared on my face when I found a jar of Justin’s Nut Butter Natural Chocolate Hazelnut Blend included in my box of goodies. I didn’t even wait to pop a piece of bread in the toaster to spread some the yummy goodness on, nope I grabbed a spoon and dug right it. Call it the Nutella for adults, this stuff is crazy good!  Let me not leave out Justin’s Natural Classic Peanut Butter, it had my peanut butter blossoms tasting as good as ever.

But my favorite product out of the whole bunch was Justin’s Milk Chocolate Almond Candy Bar. When I say it is better than a rhymes with “Shmickers” bar, I’m not kidding! The combination of milk chocolate, almonds, caramel, and nougat is perfection at it’s best, and will have you grabbing for one after the other, and with it’s healthy ingredients who’s one to tell you “no”?  Justin’s products are available at most local grocery stores.

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