Keeping it Classy – Coppola Pino Noir

Pinot Noir Canned Wines

Summer is winding down. That sentence alone brings tears to my eyes. I’m quietly saying goodbye to long walks at dusk, reading books on the beach while my kids play close by, and live jazz nights in the park.

I live for live jazz nights. The family packs (let’s be honest, I pack) a picnic dinner, lawn chairs and glow sticks. We all hop into the car and drive downtown. The kids find new best friends for the evening, and my husband and I are transported back to a time when we were just dating. My entertain themselves and I don’t hear “mom” in a high pitch whine for at least 90 minutes. And live jazz music washes over you in the warm evening. BLISS. If this wasn’t good enough, the event is BYOB – but no glass bottles.

The old me would have slumped into being okay drinking beer. Heck, when we were just dating I did a lot of that. But would like to think that motherhood has made me classier. Now I drink wine. Since we are, like I said, classy, we aren’t going to skirt the no glass rule by bringing a box of wine. We are going for a top shelf evening people. We are treating ourselves to cans of Coppola Pino Noir. You heard me cans.

The Francis Coppola Winery began producing canned wine in 2002 in an effort to make premium wine more convenient. During the last decade, the canned wine category has grown rapidly into a phenomenon as consumers flocked to this option for portability and ease. The Francis Coppola Winery differentiates itself from competitors through uncompromised winemaking integrity and consistent signature flavor profiles portrayed in the can, embracing the distinct award-winning wines that consumers recognize.

There are two more Thursdays before jazz in the park is over. After that I’m sure I’ll come up with a suitably classy way to enjoy my canned Coppola, probably at bookclub.

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