kelvin natural slush co. in NYC

I can’t imagine a more perfect time to have tried a Kelvin Slush than after an evening of roller-skating at the temporary rink at “The Lot” – a newly opened plaza under the High Line. The Lot is home to a rotating array of food and drink vendors –  and, till September 26th, a legit roller-skating rink!

My daughter and I braved the eerily-skilled crowd for as long as our legs would hold out, and then darted (well, more like hobbled) over to the big blue Kelvin Slush Truck. Wow – this is definitely NOT your typical dime store frozen drink.

Kelvin Natural Slush is made from all natural fresh fruit and herbs You pick your slush flavor and then add your “mix-in’s” – a changing selection of fresh fruit purees and herbs. We got the Tangy Citrus with White Peach puree and fresh mint. It was cold, not-too-sweet and delicious! An all grown up version of a classic summer refresher.

And you can skip the roller skates……….we won’t judge.

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