Kevin Taylor’s at the Opera House {Denver}

Stars in the sky, and stars in my eyes at Kevin Taylor’s at the Opera House, situated in the Ellie Caulkins Opera House at the Denver Center for Performing Arts Complex.  I pictured something straight out of Phantom of the Opera, but a little less 1982, cobwebs, and screechy organ playing.  What I got was a unique space with exposed brick, lofty type space with stars overhead.  Enjoy pre-theater cocktails, dinner, or daydreaming about how you should have been the Fourth Tenor, should your parents have just listened to your skin-crawling falsetto more, over delicious dessert.  Ahh, what could have been….Chocolate Torte

Because your dreams have been stolen right out from under you, you’ll need to drown your sorrows in something, and since you’re reading this I say you should go with desserts!  (obviously)  My favorite treat which will take the edge off your sorrows is the Chocolate Torte.  A dense chocolate cake, rich in milky and nutty chocolate flavors.  Topped with thick chocolate ganache and set aside an incredibly decadent caramel sauce – fork, and plate licking good.  It will have you saying “Wha?! Opera who?? Give me another slice.”

Like what you see?  Show them some sugar… Website

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