Kevin Taylor’s Prima Ristorante {Denver}

Inside the cool vibe of the Hotel Teatro is a quaint restaurant/bar named Prima Ristorante.  Brightly lit with natural light by day, dim, casual, and slightly romantic by night. Quite in love with the atmosphere of this location, watching the hustle and bustle of downtown Denver from the comfort of the luxurious vibe which Kevin Taylor presents you.Coconut Affogato

Enjoy coffee, cocktails, or celebrity animal watching – maybe you’ll see Snoop Dog and his cat.  During  my visit, sans any celeb cat sightings, I inhaled the Roast Fig Creme Brulee with fresh berries.  Though delicious, I only had longing, sexy eyes for the Coconut Affogato – an espresso shot which smothers ice cream, brown butter crumbs, and caramel sauce.  Heaven on a spoon, heaven in your belly.  The coconut lover that I am I cannot resist any unique variation of the nut, but when it’s toasted covering a mound of ice cream and then espresso poured over it?  I give a little shout in excitement, ok, it was a BIG shout, and a happy dance…on the table.

Like what you see?  Show them some sugar…




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