Kim & Jake Bake Cakes {Boulder, CO}

…As they shake during an earthquake.  Sorry, couldn’t resist.

Oh Kim & Jake, you’ve really got me.  From the perfect vanilla buttercream (my all time fave) to the savory concoctions you’re creating,  you’re definitely on the top of my list of places to indulge.

"Picnic Cakes" - when you stop by, ask Jake how these came to be

With no culinary background, just blessed with great taste buds, this married duo is creating some of the most ingenious flavor combinations.  Ever try salted Thai curry laced caramel icing, mound atop a Ginger-Vindaloo spice cake?  Let me introduce you to the Vindalicious.

Or what about the Vino Russo (my absolute favorite of the cakes) – red wine infused, beyond-moist, cake topped with a cream cheese frosting and further, sprinkled with an aged Manchego cheese.   The Manchego adds a superior creamy finish to every bite. Such an amazing flavor combination which I was pleasantly surprised by.  So much so that my fork kept circling, and then nose diving in for more. 

If you prefer the simple, yet delicious and classic cake, go for the Red Velvet.  You’ll be recreating that classic diner scene from When Harry Met Sally…You know the one I’m talking about. *wink, wink*Aside from the obvious reasons for I loving this family-owned bakery, they are truly special in that they will cater to any dietary allergy too.  They’re make some pretty big cake dreams come true.

Like what you see?  Show them some sugar…

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  • January 5, 2012


    These look fantastic!