Kim & Jake’s Cakes – Boulder, CO

You Come for the Cake, But You Stay for the Buns, Hun!


Kim and Jake have a gluten-free empire. You can refer to them as the king and queen of gluten-free in one of America’s most food-centric towns, Boulder, Colorado. Just to play with the big boys most Colorado companies have already transitioned into gluten-free and non-GMO, house-made food. So, this shop is a big deal if you are the King and Queen in a sea of golden fish.


Before I even delve into the abundant menu of gluten-free goodies my observations of the shop convinced me I had better back track. And, that’s exactly what owners Kim and Jake did to begin their kingdom. It was a bike crash nearly a decade ago, a miraculous recovery, a strange illness, and a new baby that were the key ingredients for the Rosenbarger’s coveted recipes. Their strawberry margarita cake won Colorado’s largest city publication’s ‘best bites’ back in 2010, so when the shop announced it was going-free, it had a large cupcake order to fill in order to keep the cult happy—and they did!


Within five minutes at the non-presumptuous shop, I witnessed over a half dozen people scrambling to get their gluten-free buns before the summer weekend barbeque rush. It was astounding. While talking with Jake I saw a European gentleman and son promising they paid as they scurried away with the last three buns in the store. However, it wasn’t until I hit the junction of I-25 and US 36 that their eclectic ingredients, love, passion, and nutrition overwhelmed me as I nearly finished off my gluten-free baguette by downtown Denver. If their bread was this magnificent, then I simply couldn’t wait for the cookie platter riding shotgun. I needed to backtrack and get right to the cookies, my original intention!


Go for the gold, try their chocolate and sea salt gluten-free cookies, poppy seed short bread, and the chefs choice, which this particular Thursday was vegan Italian cream. Those were my favorites, if I only were to pick a few. Remember, this shop is known for their specialty cake, cupcakes, and all high-end dessert items that can also be made with any dietary restrictions observed. It’s a host’s dream for those ‘picky’ guests who need a dose of awesome Colorado good.


Alas, this sugar lover took on a second lover this trip. It was this subtle sweetness and dose of salt and savory in Kim & Jake’s house cured popcorn.  Tomato, vinegar, and shallot was all over my car by the end of my family’s New Mexico trip. These gluten-free wonders made this sweet and salty lover one happy road tripper this summer as the activated charcoal and truffle oil gluten-free bread helped usher us back into the State after an epic southwestern food vacation.


As a final note, Kate and Jake’s does sell a lot of their stuff at Whole Foods throughout the Rocky Mountain region. This includes a brand new item, refrigerated gluten-free cookie dough. It comes in a tub and is so awesome. Warm, gluten-free cookies at home!


For everything gluten-free including sweet, salty, and down right silly, please visit for store location, online orders, and more!

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