Krispie Rice Ice Cream Cones @sprinkleiton

I am a true lover of the Rice Krispie Treat….which also means I’m a big critic when it comes to the quality of the treat, the krispie vs marshmallow ratio and basically how often I’m smiling during consumption. (Rice Krispies are the treat that make me feel like “a kid again”)

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I’m sure you’ve come to realize that a Homemade Krispie Treat out beats a store bought one any day, but when it came to these adorable Ice Cream Coned Delights I was so pleasantly surprised I was smiling from ear to ear. But come on, who wouldn’t smile – You are eating an ICE CREAM CONE (happiness) that has a RICE KRISPIE TREAT in it (more happiness).

Even the kiddos had a field day when it came to these delightful cones…and who do you ask crafted these treats? Sprinkle It On that is.

Sprinkle it on kids

You have to take a minute to visit their website too. I just love how they display their Krispie Cones … its adorable!

Krispie vs Marshmallow Test = PASSED

Smiling with every bite = FROM EAR TO EAR!


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