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Love staying in, watching movies, cuddling with the boyfriend and of course… cracking open a bottle of wine.  Voveti Prosecco is a white sparkling wine, not too sweet, and was exactly what I was looking for after a long day at work.  Unfortunately, we had our glass of wine on an empty stomach – and if we weren’t too lazy to get off the couch to go get food; we probably would have made our way to the deli section of the grocery store – picked up some olives, cheese and crackers. In Italy, wine is made to go with food, but even without food in our stomachs… this glass of wine hit the spot.

This recipe is definitely going on my “to drink” list, especially to recommend to my clients for their next event or wedding :




This simple, colorful cocktail is a Venetian classic and a refreshing crowd-pleaser. Serves one or scales up.

In a sparkling wine flute, or (alternatively) in a pitcher:

Step 1: Muddle a whole peach (or fill a container to the one-third point with peach nectar).

Step 2: Top off the container with two-thirds VOVETI Prosecco.

Step 3: Stir gently to combine.



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