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It’s the week before Christmas – are you complete with your holiday shopping? How about baking, are you all wrapped up with your homemade goodies? I’m not! Ahh!

Well I’m not here to “replace” the annual homemade treats that you deliver every year to friends and family but I am here to tell you a bit about my favorite sweets and treats that I would absolutely loveah hem, I mean your friends would absolutely love to see under their Christmas tree this year!

(Listed in no particular order other than the fact that I crave THEM ALL and would graciously accept any at my doorstep – feel free to ask for my address!)

(1) Something Sweet Bakery

Owner, Tina Damon has never failed when it comes to the true tastes of homemade delights! Always an array of sweet delights for one to enjoy, Something Sweet Bakery will also take special orders so if your Granny use to always make Pizzelle’s (like mine did) and you’re just dying for more (like I am), ask Tina and I’m sure she’ll make your favorite Holiday sweets. Stop by her location in Ahwatukee at 4025 East Chandler Blvd


(2) Chaparral Homemade Ice Cream

Who wouldn’t LOVE a quart of homemade ice cream this Christmas? – I mean seriously! Your favorite rich and creamy flavor, plus homemade hot fudge, oooo wouldn’t that be a treat! You can also stop in for their family secret recipe brownies, along with cake truffles, chocolate covered pretzels, and one of my favs, the peanut butter cake. Chaparral also offers gift certificates which are perfect for stocking stuffers too!


(3) AJ’s Fine Foods

Walking around AJ’s is definitely a guilty pleasure of mine. I could seriously spend a few hours just walking the aisles looking at every product that they beautifully line their shelves with. (Sugar High Mama Confession #105: When the kids are driving me nutso crazy I load em up in the double stroller, grab myself a coffee from AJ’s bakery and slowly walking the aisles until my stress levels return to normal – Perfect Mama Relaxation – trust me!) Anyways, back to last minute Christmas items – Stocking Stuffer galore for that foodie friend of yours. Grab a pastry from the bakery and enjoy!

(4) Honeymoon Sweets

If you dream it, they will bake it! And it will be fabulous! Honeymoon Sweets is one that is sure to impress, so if you are hosting a dinner party this weekend and forgot the dessert. Sphhf….forgot the dessert? WHO forgets the dessert? Let me rephrase – Would like to order in dessert, Honeymoon Sweets is the place to go.


(5) Foothills ACE

Now you may think I’m on some sort of Sugar-High-Crash when I tell you, “Grab the cutest gifts at your local hardware shop!” But dang – do they have some cute stuff! Any wine lovers in your family? Foothills ACE has super cute wine inspired collections, plus a whole area full of additional gift giving items too. So when hubby needs to replace a few strands of Christmas lights or pick up some nails to hang your Christmas decor, tag along and check off the rest of your list!


Now that was easy, wasn’t it? Bet you didn’t realize you could just come to your trustee sugarholic Jaclyn to get all your gift giving questions answered did ya? And because it’s the holiday season and  I just can’t help myself but share some more  tips about gift giving this season – check out our Sugar Loco #GiftSugar Holiday Guide for the best gift giving gifts, my book is in there too ::wink wink:: #GiftSugar Sweet Holiday Gift Guide



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