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Chocolate.  One simple word can make most women (and some men) salivate at the thought of its magical soothing powers. It is our best friend, our go to comfort, no matter where or when, it is there, eager to please. I thought I knew chocolate inside out (no pun intended….), but Laurie’s Chocolates showed me that I have much to learn about the craft of chocolate making.  I was lucky enough to sample a selection of her most popular chocolates, and after enjoying them all, I can see why!

I am not usually someone who likes spicy foods, even though I constantly talk about my love of curry, I always go for the pathetically weak, creamy, sweet (big surprise there) dishes. However, the Aztec Spicy Bark provides just the right amount of zip to leave you wanting more, your taste buds dancing over that fine line between pain and pleasure. The smoky dark chocolate works well with the nutty taste of the pumpkin seeds, and just when you think your treat is over, the after spice acts as a naughty reminder of how this bad boy of the chocolate world stands alone.

toffee from Laurie's

My favorite chocolate delight had to be the bestseller Buttercrunch toffee. This chocolate temptation had so much to offer any toffee lover. Before you even bring this dream to your lips, the mouthwatering begins. Even the name provides an enticing insight of what is to come. Each individually dipped piece is covered in a generous coating of almonds on top of beautiful milky brown color, foreshadowing pleasure to come. As you bite through the crunch, you are presented with a delicious snap as the toffee shatters, filling your mouth with that deep sweet flavor. But this is no ordinary toffee, as it begins to break down, it becomes chewy. Not in the im-gonna-cement-your-teeth-together kind of way, but enough to make the flavors come out, as it mixes with the creamy milk chocolate and glide smoothly down your throat as you instinctively reach for more. I have tried many chocolate toffees in my life, and have two countries to compare candies (or as we call them at home, sweets). But I have to say, this toffee was enough to blow away any candy, sweet or any other form of toffee I have ever had!

Laurie also offers many other gourmet chocolates. Smooth, velvety truffles including Merlot, Blackberry Wine and Raspberry Balsamic (which won Best New Chocolate Award) offer a grown up twist to traditional truffles. Chocolate Turtles can please your inner child and the supreme contrast of the Dark Chocolate Sea Salt is wonderful.

Laurie’s Chocolates are sure to have some devilishly good combinations to satisfy even the pickiest of chocolate eaters, so check her out online or visit her store in Bucks County, PA for a real treat, anytime.

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