Le Bon Garçon Caramels for everyone!

Le Bon Garçon has been serving up handmade, gourmet caramels in Los Angeles for a year and people are talking about these delicious artisanal delights. Featured in Oprah’s Favorite Things issue for 2011, these caramels were a hit with Miss O so you know they are good! I can picture Oprah now when tasting these treats. “Caramel candy for everyone! You get a caramel, And YOU, AND YOU! CAARAAMELLS!”

Founded by Justin Chao, the confectioner behind Le Bon Garçon, these caramel candies are made in a french tradition, using “all-natural ingredients and slowly stirred to creamy perfection.” You can taste that in every bite. I really loved this candy and it was hard to choose which one was my favorite!

Mango-passion fruit, macadamia, and salted were on my tasting list and they were all delicious. These confections are full of yummy fruit flavors. The salted was just a hint of salt that blended well with the caramel flavor. I had a hard time just eating one. They were that good !

Mango-Passion Fruit

If you’re a caramel lover  or want to share these treats with someone you love, Le Bon Garçon ships so you can try them for yourself and taste the delicious flavors in these caramel delights.

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  • March 1, 2012

    Susan De Leon

    Great article….would love to taste those caramels. Next time I am in LA I want to hit up this place.

  • March 5, 2012


    Oh, Alana. I just ordered myself a few!! 🙂