Le Caramel is le magnifique!

Caramel and fall go hand in hand like margaritas and summer. Can I get a collective sweet amen?!?

There is no denying I love all things caramel. From sea salt, to chocolate, to plain ol’ regular caramel, I will eat it. And proudly go back for seconds. Lucky for me, I had the chance to try some amazing little treats from Le Caramel in San Diego.  To say I was about to dive in and live in the jar would not be stretching the truth.  I am however 7 months pregnant and no way could I fit into a jar these days. So eating my way through it was the next best thing.

Le Caramel has been serving up tasty treats in San Diego the best way they know how, the French way. When the best caramel maker in all of France hung up his bakers hat and offered to give his secret recipe to Christina and Vincent, the owners, they immediately said YES and for a year mastered the art of caramel making. Relocating to the states from France, they decided to set up shop in San Diego and hence Le Caramel was born.

Le Caramel is not your typical caramel though. This is sweet, smooth, creamy caramel. Not the sticky stuff on an apple at the fair. The Pumpkin Spice was full of rich flavor and a hint of pumpkin that melted in your mouth. It reminded me of a nice slice of pumpkin pie. I am not ashamed to say I ate that right out of the jar on a spoon! I also tried the Caramel Cream with Salted Butter and the Chocolate. I have never had chocolate caramel but I am now adding it to the list of things that will never be turned down.

They also ship, so you can enjoy this gooey treat any way you want to and no one will judge you if you eat it right out of the jar!

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