Le Mistral Serves Up Vintage Dessert Drinks {Video}

Dan is a MIND-BLOWING bartender at the PHE-NOM-E-NAL restaurant and piano bar – Le Mistral in Greenwood Village, Colorado. Dan isn’t just any bartender, you can tell he loves the hooch in more than just a gettin’ your buzz on kinda way. He’s got amazing knowledge of mixing and a repertoire of recipes that would make your head spin. He is so kind to sharing some of his vintage recipes with us here at Sugar Loco. And I am thrilled to say, I got to taste them…each and every one of them…this gig keeps getting better and better!

From the famous City Tavern in Philly, this recipe was originally named the Raspberry Rum Shrub, but for Valentine’s day Le Mistral classed it up to The Raspberry Rub LOVE. The RRS originated in 1770, it’s one of the oldest cocktail recipes around. Trust me, vintage or not, your taste buds are going to swoon over this lite and fresh raspberry cocktail. With a mix of simple ingredients of Rum, (homemade) Raspberry Simple Syrup and Ginger Beer – you cannot go wrong. In fact the chatter around the bar was “this is going to be my summer drink”. I, uh hem, think it is going to become my year round drink.

Dan then set up the golden shaker to shake me the classic Parisian Cocktail (circa 1930) from Harry’s New York Bar in Paris, France, new name: The Parisian Kiss. This delicious combination of Gin, Chambord and Dry Vermouth is a colorful confectionery cocktail perfect for a little after dinner treat. This one was less sweet than the RRS, but it was equally tasty. Check out our Mix-Master D as he whips it up for you on video.

Are you seeking a little more passion (fruit) in your drinks? This one is full of it! The Passion Cup fuses Vodka, Passion Fruit Simple Syrup, light Rum, and Armagnac. This is a must try for the amorous personality and serious spirit supporter. I must’ve been too consumed with the cocktails sitting in front of me that I forgot to snap a picture of this one!

What’s better than ending your drinkfest with a Between the Sheets? Um, nothing…This one is a play on the fabulous, and well known, Sidecar. This recipe is an archive from the Ritz-Carlton in Paris, Oh la la, how do you say “give me more” in French? Another simplistic cocktail, with a sophisticated flavor. Simply mix Cognac, Lite Rum, Cointreau and Lemon Juice – and don’t forget to garnish with the zest of an orange (and juice that baby over the whole thing before dropping it into your treat). How do you say “Me Likey”??

I asked Dan for some tips on concocting these cocktails at home – “sample as you go, don’t be intimidated and ask for help. Your favorite liquor store is there to help you.” Belly up to the bar and “ask your favorite bartender for tips, they’re more than willing to share the secrets.” Well now it’s no secret that Dan is my new fave friend!

Visit Le Mistral for the best French Food in Denver and my new BFF, Dan!

Le Mistral
5970 S Holly Street
Greenwood Village, CO 80111

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