Let’s be social {shameless plug}

We pimp a lot of other people’s stuff – recipes, new sweets on the market, restaurants, our mouths to eat anything offered to us.  What we forget is pimping out ourselves and our social media outlets.  So here’s our shameless plug, and we hope you’ll connect with us on all levels.   We WILL even show you our desserts, without making you buy us dinner first …*wink, wink*

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Instagram – follow us at TheJennyFord or tag us in your sweets pics – #SugarLoco


If there are any other ways you’d like to connect with us – pagers,  snail mail, phone calls, text messaging (please no sexting – we prefer dessertexting), etc.  Let us know in the comments below – always happy to accommodate our fans!

And by the way, WE LOVE YOU!


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